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  • Tamara MacIntyre

Mile High 2023

The Mile High Weekend is an annual event that brings together chiropractors and their teams from all over the world to learn more about the philosophy, art, science, and business of Chiropractic. Much effort is being made constantly to steer Chiropractic away from the time-tested basics of the profession. Mile High is a gathering of doctors who wish to transform the integrity of Chiropractic back to its former stature and make a larger impact on their practices, their communities and the Chiropractic profession.

Event Details


Denver Marriott Westminster

Denver, Co


Thursday to Sunday

September 21st to 24th, 2023 NOTE: MAIN STAGE presentation by Drs. Tamara MacIntyre & Dr Monique Andrews

WORKSHOP by Dr MacIntyre on "Empowering Agency in Management Illness & at End of Life".

For more information visit:

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